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Alinco DJ-MD40 UHF DMR

Alinco DJ-MD40 UHF DMR

Alinco DJ-MD40 UHF DMR

NOVITÀ DA ALINCO:          Alinco DJ-MD40 Radio Portatile UHF Digitale Analogica standard DMR 

  • FM & Digital DMR Tier I and II
  • 1000 Memories
  • Four RF Levels (5/2.5/1/0.2 W)
  • IP54 Dust and Splash-proof
  • VFO/Memory Modes
  • Text Messages
  • Color Selectable Backlit Display
  • VOX

The Alinco DJ-MD40T a commercial UHF HT covering 400-480 MHz. 

It supports operation in traditional analog FM mode as well as DMR digital mode. Output power may be selected at: 5, 2.5, 1 or 0.2 watts.

 This high capacity radio supports 1000 channels, 250 zones with 64 channels per zone. And the sound quality is great due to digital error-correction technology that rejects noise and static. 

It provides consistent audio quality throughout the coverage area, even in challenging low-lying areas.

 It utilizes DVSI's AMBE+2 vocoder that further improves speech communication. 

All this combined with 1 watt audio output and a 40mm diameter powerful speaker, ensure louder and crisper voice communication. 

The rugged design meets IP54 dust and splash-proof standards.

Each DJ-MD40T includes:   EBP-96 Li-Ion Battery Pack (7.4 V 2600mAh), EDC-211 Drop-In Charger stand, 

EDC-213 120 VAC Adapter, EA-212 SMA Antenna, EBC-45 Belt clip, hand strap and manual. Requires ERW-13 for programming (sold separately).

Alinco DJ-MD40 Specs

Alinco DJ-MD40 Controls


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