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Alinco DX-R8 Ricevitore da Base HF

Alinco - DX-R8 E

150KHz~35(30)MHz SSB/CW/AM/FM/IQ
All-mode Desktop Receive

Features of DX-R8T/E
  • I/Q signal output allows use of third-party SDR software
  • 150 kHz?`35MHz (T-model up to 30MHz) in AM/USB/LSB/CW/FM and IQ modes
  • Front and rear jacks make connecting accessories easy
  • Direct frequency input to the dual VFO system
  • Detachable front-control panel offers more mounting options
  • Large LCD display makes operation simple
  • Front-speaker and powerful 2W audio output makes it easy to hear signals
  • Rugged, die-cast chassis
  • Narrow ceramic filters (AM 2.4kHz/SSB 1kHz) and 0.5kHz audio-filtering for CW
  • 4-level RF preamp/attenuator
  • IF shift and RIT reduces interference
  • Noise blanker enables clearer reception
  • 3 banks/600 memory channels make it easy to save banks of favorite frequencies
  • Two sets of programmed search pairs and varieties of scanning modes
  • Auto-power-off, Sleep-timer, Dial and Key locks, RX indicator illumination and more!
  • Computer utility software makes it easy to manage settings and edit memories
  • Monitor shortwave signals from aviation, navigation and data sources

Free utility Software Download

Please click here for details


Genaral DX-R8 All Models
Operating mode: USB, LSB, AM, CW, FM and I/Q output for SDR software
Antenna impedance: 50ohm unbalanced
Frequency stability: +/-1ppm
Power requirement: 13.8V DC +/-15% (11.7 to 15.8V DC)
Ground method: Negative ground
Current drain: Receiver: 1.0A(max.)
Operating temperature: -10digC to 60digC (+14digF to +140digF)
Dimensions: 240(w) x 94(h) x 255(d)mm (Projections not included)
(9.45"(w) x 3.7"(h) x 10"(d)

240(w) x 100(h) x 293(d)mm (with projection)
(9.45"(w) x 3.94"(h) x 11.54"(d)
Weight: Approx. 4.1kg (144.6oz)
Receive circuitry: Double conversion superheterodyne
Sensitivity: SSB: (0.15 to 1.8MHz) 0dBu(1uV)
CW: (1.8 to 30MHz) -12dBu(0.25uV)
AM: (0.15 to 1.8MHz) +20dBu(10uV)
AM: (1.8 to 30MHz) +6dBu(2uV)
FM: (28 to 30MHz) -6dBu(0.5uV)
Intermediate frequency: 1st 71.75MHz, 2nd 455KHz
Selectivity: SSB, CW, AM(narrow): 2.4KHz/-6dB 4.5KHz/-60dB
AM, FM: 6KHz/-6dB 18KHz/-60dB
-6dB: 6KHz or more
-60dB: 16KHz or less (NFM)
Spurious and image rejection ratio: More than 70dB
Audio output power: More than 2.0W(8ohm 10%THD)
RIT variable range: +/-1.2KHz
DX-R8 Coverage

* 40KHz~150KHz appears on the screen but Below 150KHz is out-of-warranty and not intended for practical use.

Receiver Frequency coverage: DX-R8T (USA/Canadian): 150KHz - 29.99999MHz

DX-R8E (Worldwide): 150KHz - 34.99999MHz

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Standerd Accessories

  • DC cable (EDC-37)

Optional Accessories

  • EDS-17 Front control remote kit (5m cable, front panel bracket, unit cover and hardware)
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